Stats Overview Edit

weapon ammo dam AP spread clip reload ROF vel range
9mmpstl 9mmclip 26 0.2 1 15 30 -5 14 20
autopstl 9mmclip 26 0.2 5 20 35 2.5 14 20
smg 9mmclip 28 0.35 2.5 40 30 3 16 20
fatjohn sshells 15x5 0.2 1.5 2 30 -2 14 20
shotgun sshells 17x5 0.1 6 10 40 13 12 20
shotgunx2 sshells 17x5 0.1 2 20 60 8 12 20
agl-1 expgrenades 15 0.0 2 10 40 10 12 20
agl-3 expgrenades 15x3 0.0 6 20/3 40 10 12 20
nailgun nailammo 30 0.3 6 40 30 -6 14 8
nailgun2 nailammo 30x2 0.3 6 40/2 30 -5 14 8
nailgun3 nailammo 30x3 0.3 6 40/3 30 -4 14 8
nailgun4 nailammo 30x4 0.3 6 40/4 30 -3 14 8
nailgun5 nailammo 30x5 0.3 6 40/5 30 -2 14 8
griffon revammo 51 0.4 1.5 5 40 -4 17 20
revolver revammo 51 0.4 3.5 6 30 -3 17 20
revolver_6t revammo 51x6 0.4 3.5 6/6 30 -3 17 20
weapon ammo dam AP spread clip reload ROF vel range
vlong john rifleammo 70 0.9 1 1 15 -3 37 20
pinkdeath rifleammo 90 0.6 4 2 60 -4 26 20
heavyrevolver rifleammo 126 0.7 2.5 6 30 -3 32 20
heavy rifle rifleammo 126 0.7 1 8 60 -13 32 20
2x_rifle rifleammo 126x2 0.8 3 16/2 60 -19 32 20
sspoon mgbullets 26 0.5 0 10 60 -5 23 20
mg-3200 mgbullets 20 0.5 4 30 60 3 18 20
mg-3200drm mgbullets 20 0.5 2 90 90 3 18 20
minigun mgbullets 20 0.5 3 136 120 0 18 20
rifle-hv hvel 50 0.7 2 10 60 -6 40 20
mg-hv hvel 50 0.7 3 30 60 5 40 20
sdcc battery 4 1.0 1 20 30 3 10 2
taser battery 8 1.0 1 50/2 30 5 10 3
teslacoil battery 6 1.0 1 50 30 0 10 20
lasgun battery 16 1.0 1 10 55 0 10 20
lasgunmod battery 16 1.0 1 40 55 0 10 20
railgun battery 300 1.0 0.5 15/15 10 -1 30 20
cannon canonrnds 70 0.7 0.5 2 30 -10 30 20

9mm Edit

9mmpstl Edit

9mmpstl 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Good against small numbers.
ammo 9mmclip
hardware + 9mmpstl = autopstl

9mmpstl + tube + hardware = nailgun
9mmpstl + largetube + hardware = trinailgun


The 9mm Pistol is the starting weapon. It is reliable and ammo is plentiful although it lacks in damage. It does a good job in taking out early game enemies, but its real strength lies in its upgrade paths. 

The weapon is quite effective during first stages of the game, but it quickly gets bested by other weaponry, especially since ammo for it becomes progressively rarer the further into the game the player gets. It is also used by some of the early guards encountered around levels 4-5.

It may be beneficial to carry the 9mm Pistol in the player's inventory to craft a cannon by level 8, which will help with more heavily armored enemies in the late stages of the game.

autopstl Edit

autopstl 9mm automatic pistol. Amazing damage and rate of fire,
medium accuracy.
ammo 9mmclip
hardware + 9mmpstl = autopstl


This early game weapon is fairly easy to make. It loses out on some of the 9mm's accuracy but has an  20-round magazine and a very high rate of fire while dealing the same damage per shot. The ammo is comparatively common but in the early game (Level 1 & 2) it will deplete your ammo way too quickly. It is very useful for controlling reactivated organics in tight spaces but be aware that you will have to reload soon. Do not get caught without a backup in later levels.  

smg Edit

Automatic gun that uses pistol rounds and rifle design

cannon Edit

cannon Shoots 25mm cannon shells.
ammo cannonrnds

How to makeEdit

9mmpstl + Hardware + 2x Large tube = cannon


A very powerful weapon that shoots large cannonrounds at targets, it is similar to a double barreled panzerfaust. Ammo for this weapon is extremely rare, and you can only fire two rounds before reloading. It does, however, have a large area of effect  and its damage is very high. It is also Armour piercing, and very precise. 

This weapon should ONLY be used against Bosses, or in dire situations where the player needs to kill everything on screen fast, without having access to a cangun.

exploside grenadesEdit

agl-1 Edit

agl-1 Shoots 1 adhesive grenade. Useful against swarms.
ammo expgrenades

Upgrade PathEdit

agl-1 + 2 x tubes = agl-3

hardware + shotgun + agl-1 = agl-5


The Adhesive Grenade Launcher (AGL) can first be found on level 1. It is quite useful throughout the game. The individual shots do not do much damage, but its strenght lies in its adhesive effects. If a player shoots a few grenades into a swarm of enemies following him, the grenades will "glue" together some of the enemies, rendering them unable to continue the pursuit, as well as blowing them up after a few seconds. Ammo for it is plentiful, although it's nearly useless against armoured enemies.

The Weapon is best used against large mutants, guards, red guards, and scientists. All these enemies will die in one hit to the AGL. Upgrading the AGL is not advised because of this.

Very useful for opening walls to secret areas!

agl-3 Edit

agl-3 Shoots 3 adhesive grenades, useful against swarms of enemies.
ammo expgrenades

How to makeEdit

agl-1 + 2 x tube = agl-3

agl-1 + agl-1 +  tube = agl-3


The Adhesive Grenade Launcher (AGL)'s first upgraded version, it fires 3 grenades in one shot in a narrow arc. A very good crowd controller. Magazine capacity is doubled to 20 rounds but damage per grenade remains the same. This weapon behaves exactly like the AGL-1 and should therefore be applied to the same situations, although it must be used carefully due to its increased ammo consumption.

As swarms become less a problem in the later game past level 4 this upgrade becomes less useful.

agl-5 Edit

agl-5 Shoots 5 adhesive grenades. Useful against swarms of enemies.
ammo expgrenades

How to makeEdit

hardware + shotgun + agl-1 = agl-5


The Adhesive Grenade Launcher (AGL)'s upgraded version, with a shotgun barrel mechanism, it fires 5 sticky grenades instead of one in a 45 degree arc.

This weapon behaves exactly like the AGL-1 and should therefore be applied to the same situations, although it must be used carefully due to its increased ammo consumption.

This weapon does not exist in the Die More Edition.

nails Edit

nailgun-1 Edit

nailgun-1 Shoots nails, only effective at close range.
ammo nailammo

9mmpstl + hardware = nailgun1

A short ranged automatic weapon. Does slightly more damage but is less accurate than the 9mmpstl. A good early game weapon because its the ammo is crafted from nails and explosives (50rd batch from 1x nailbox and RDX250, or 2 x nailbox + RDX500 = 100rd) all of which is quite common. Very effective in tight spaces.

nailgun-2 Edit

nailgun-2 Two-barrel nailgun, only effective at close range.
ammo nailammo

9mmpstl + hardware + tube = nailgun2

Fires two nails at once with some spread. Come with 40rd magazine capacity and is effective in almost all situations in until level 4, given close ranges. A very good choice.

nailgun-3 Edit

nailgun-3 Triple-barrel nailgun, only effective at close range.
ammo nailammo

nailgun + tube = nailgun3

An upgraded version of the nailgun, this weapon fires three shots at once in an arc, similar to a shotgun or AGL-5. It does, however, have the same capacity, damage/shot and fire rate as the standart nailgun. It is nevertheless a good replacement for the nailgun and can be helpful in a pinch against weaker targets such as mutants or early swarms due to its great rate of fire and cheap ammo.

revammo Edit

revolver Edit

Revolver Old-school revolver. Good penetration and low accuracy.


Upgrade path:

revolver + shotgun = 6t-Revolver

You only get six shots. Usually found in Level 2 or even earlier, it delivers twice the 9mmpstl's damage to take out large reactivated organics or mutants. It has some armour piercing capabilities but ammunition is almost impossible to find in the early game and still rare in late game. Useful for solitary opponents like guards.   

6t-revolver Edit

6t-revolver 6-trigger revolver, shooting six bullets in one shot


How to make:

revolver + shotgun = 6t-Revolver


An armor-piercing shotgun, and you only get one shot. Fires all six revolver bullets instantly in a slight arc, dealing in total twice as much damage as a heavy rifle shot or half a mg-3200 magazine. This can be crafted early on but will be almost useless as there is no ammo for it.

This could be useful for engaging large and armored opponents up close, but then you will have to reload close to a large and armored opponent if it survives. 

sshells Edit

shotgun Edit

shotgun Modern shotgun. Fully automatic.
ammo sshells

2xshotgun + hardware = shotgunx2


This automatic shotgun can be found very early, in some cases as soon as level 1. It deals good damage in a small arc and can kill enemies quickly, especially if used in close range, with all pellets hitting. It is a powerful early game weapon, and its ammo is very common. Guards, especially red ones, may carry this weapon, making them a great danger but also an extra source of ammo.

It will often knock opponents down without killing them, be ready for them coming back at you.


shotgunx2 double shotgun
ammo sshells

2xshotgun + hardware = shotgunx2


The shotgunx2 is an improved version of the standart shotgun, with a doubled magazine capacity and damage output. It should be made early on if you plan on using the shotgun, as it makes it much more powerful, devastating swarms for half the game. |}

rifleammo Edit

heavy rifle Edit

heavy rifle A sturdy, old-school rifle for taking out armored targets.
ammo rifleammo
2xheavy rifle = 2x_rifle


The Heavy Rifle is a very high damage, armour piercing weapon found at the earliest on level 3 or 4, depending on your luck. It is rather slow firing and has a long reloading time, although it is very precise and devasting against armoured targets. It will gib most unarmoured targets in one shot but its AP capabilities are what makes it powerful. Since the ammo is somewhat rare, it should be used wisely. It can mean the difference when encountering hard targets, such as the War Walkers on Level 3 or 5.

2x rifle Edit

2x_rifle Two rifled barrels and one trigger
ammo rifleammo

How to makeEdit

2 x Heavy Rifle = 2x_rifle


The 2x_Rifle is basically a Heavy Rifle with two barrels, meaning double the firepower and ammo capacity. It does, however, fire rather slowly and the reload speed is crippled. Keep in mind that every shot now uses two bullets instead of one.

An effective weapon against armoured targets,  it is, however, a weapon that requires a good aim to be effective. There are better alternatives for Armour Piercing weaponry, but it's a very solid weapon anyways. It will kill a large Zombi in one hit.

mg bullets Edit

mg-3200 Edit

mg-3200 Standard automatic assault rifle.
ammo mg bullets

variants Edit

hardware + mg-3200 + empty can = mg-3200drm

largetube + hardware + mg-3200 = mg-hv

motor + 4xmg-3200 = minigun


This is the basic assault rifle. It is first seen in the tutorial and can be found quite early in-game, starting with level 3. It has very good damage for early game, but the ammo may be rare at that stage. It should be fired in bursts, as it uses up a lot of ammo and its magazine is rather small. It can, however, be upgraded easily to either a higher capacity version, an AP weapon or a devastatingly powerful minigun.

mg-3200drm Edit

mg-3200drm The standard assault rifle modified to operate with a drum magazine.
ammo mg bullets

hardware + mg-3200 + empty can = mg-3200drm


This upgrade to the mg-3200 triples its capacity and improves accuracy. The new 90-round magazine allows you to fight larger swarms of enemies far easier. It takes long to reload, but requires little resources and should be taken early if you plan on using the mg-3200.

minigun Edit

minigun Improvised multibarrel gun, uses mg-3200s bullets
ammo mg bullets

motor + 4xmg-3200 = minigun


Further increases magazine capacity to 136 rounds, and doubles the bullet output. Slow reload. Damage per shot and AP values remain the same. Highly flexible and effective weapon if you can supply it with enough ammo but takes a very scarce motor to make.

Sometimes there is a secret room in level 6 "Damage Statistics" which contains the four mg-3200's needed to make this.

hvel bullets Edit

rifle-hv Edit


High velocity semiautomatic rifle, uses depleted uranium bullets.
ammo hvel bullets

hardware + rifle-hv = mg-hv

Faster firing than the heavy rifle, same AP values but less than half the damage per shot. Comes with a ten round magazine that takes long to reload. Usually found late in the game and it is of limited value if you have a heavy rifle (with ammo) already. Ammo for this is scarce. Useful to make an mg-hv.

mg-hv Edit

mg-hv Fully automatic armor-piercing assault rifle. Uses depleted uranium bullets.
ammo hvel bullts

largetube + hardware + mg-3200 = mg-hv

hardware + rifle-hv = mg-hv


This mix of the mg-3200 and of the HV rifle is for fighting heavily armored opponents. Works like the mg-3200 but has x2.5 the damage per shot  and +40% armour penetration. It is, however, somewhat expensive to make and its ammo is very rare, and takes long to reload thus making it a dubious choice early on, unless you already have a HV rifle and ammo. One mg-hv magazine can drop the Destroyer minigun snake (Lvl 6 "Damage Statitics" boss) to 50% health!


lasgun Edit

lasgun A giant laser pointer that cuts instead of pointing.
ammo battery
lasgun + mchip = lasgunmod


A giant cutting laser, that does insane amounts of damage and ignores armour. It shoots a continuous beam in a straight line, for a few seconds, eviscerating anything in comes into contact with. However, its ammo capacity is very low, and it chews through ammo quickly.

This weapon is found on level 6-7 and is a very valuable weapon, as it can take out some of the heavy hitting enemies with relative ease, which in turn also drop ammunition for it. Be mindful of its ammo though, as you can quickly run dry, and suddenly end up in serious trouble when you need it most.

lasgunmod Edit

lasgunmod A giant laser pointer that cuts instead of pointing. Modded to use 4 batteries at once.
ammo battery

How to makeEdit

lasgun + mchip = lasgunmod


This upgrade expands the small ammo capacity on the Lasgun, from 5 to 20, meaning that the player can maintain the beam for a little while longer, but also that it uses even more ammunition than it already did. This weapon is extremely potent against large late game enemies, such as squids, welders or the final boss.  Deals more damage if fired in short bursts. For example, in Die More Edition, a squid will fall to 6 short bursts of 2 ammo each (12 ammo total), but if you fire a single sustained burst, you will use up 22 ammo before it dies. This is probably a bug.

taser Edit

ammo battery

taser + tube + mchip = teslacoil

The taser is a weaker version of the teslacoil. It can be found starting with level 6 or as a very rare secret on level 5, but should be upgraded or dropped for ammo, as it isn't very efficient, given how valuable batteries are.

teslacoil Edit


Experimental ranged electrocution device
ammo battery

taser + tube + mchip = teslacoil

This weapon has a good range and automatically arcs to nearby enemies, making missing very difficult. It can slow down and damage larger opponents, since it has great anti armor capabilities or could be used against smaller enemies such as mutants or guards as it doesn't miss and slaughters them with ease, although it does chew up its rare ammo very quickly. Crafting it is quite simple but it should be used with caution, as you may find a more efficient anti armour weapon in the form of the lasgun.

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