Appearance when dropped.

The 9MM Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol given to the player-character at the start of the game. It uses 9MM Clips as ammo. It is accurate at short and medium range when fired in controlled, isolated shots. It becomes more accurate still when the player character is stationary. It packs enough punch to take out smaller combatants in two or three shots, and judicious use of a whole clip can despatch many larger foes too. It holds 15 rounds, and shares its ammo with the Autopistol and SMG, its subsequent upgrades.


"9mm semi-automatic pistol. Good against small numbers."

Clip size: 15
Reload time: 30
Damage: 26
Armor pierce: 0.2

hardware + 9mmpstl: autopstl
hardware + 9mmpstl + tube: nailgun

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